Can sometimes randomly connect to internet after changing mboard. but.

Hi there,

I have two computers and recently one of them had a motherboard failure.

I replaced the motherboard and all is fine. I didn't need to install windows again which was great.

however I can only sometimes connect to the internet. everything seems to be working - including the drivers.

but I noticed that when my other computer is on, the newly repaired computer will sometimes conflict and the internet will not work.

I'm thinking this might be a conflict issue with the IPs?

It's certainly not a hardware issue. what could it be?

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  1. are you using a router?
  2. yeap. wireless.
  3. Are the computer using the same computer name? Did you use a restore disc on both systems? or the one from the computer that did not need a restore on the second one that did. If you did that, they may have the same name. You generally should not use a restore disc on more then one system. Each has its own disc and product key.

    Can you check and make sure they are set to obtain an IP automatically.

    If both systems have the same name, or IP addressed manually entered they will conflict.

    Right click My Computer or Computer on Vista/7. Click on the Computer name tab or click Advanced system settings on the left hand pane then use the computer name Tab in Vista/7.

    If they are the same, chance one and reboot.

    If its not that, make sure the systems are not running the same IP. Start - > Run -> type cmd and hit enter, if Vista/7 does not have the run option just type cmd in start search.

    A command prompt will pop up. Type ipconfig /all and hit enter. You should get your ip address. It will look something like

    If they DO match, post again and I will tell you how to manually set a different ip or set it to get one from the router.
  4. btw, thanks :)
  5. Hi Nuke.

    Both the computers are using different names. I didn't have this problem previously, and I didn't need to reinstall the OS after putting in the new mboard. everything was able to retain itself apart from this slight slipout with the wireless connection...

    both systems running the windows XP OS.

    I'll get back to u on the ip thing.
  6. Did you replace the motherboard with an exact duplicate? It has to have the same chipset etc, otherwise you have to restall the operating system.
  7. You do NOT "always" have to reinstall the OS. I have done this before and it has worked.
    Gone NV to Intel without even having to re-activate. Did a Via to newer Via(ewww VIA) and it DID have to re-activate. Other then that it is working fine.
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