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I have recently built a pc and i have a lot of cable clutter around that honestly looks like crap and i am wondering can i use ordinary bread ties for cable management or do they have to have plastic covering the only reason i ask is the metal inside of the ties my harm my pc. what do you all think?
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  1. Tie-raps or anything that isn't an electric conductor.
    Hopefully once tied you can find a fair place to hide the bulk.
  2. if you want to give a little money to it, go to a do-it-yourselfshop(shop with building materials) and buy a few meters of flexible plastic tubes, cut them open at one side and press the cables in it. pick a nice color if you can and it even looks nice (sorta)
  3. Use the nylon cable ties. You can get a big package for $7 - $10 at Radio Shack, WalMart or many hardware stores.
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