How to watch TV on monitor

Hi, first time posting here, have read threads before and solved problems with them.

I was wondering what kind of hardware I would need to get to be able to watch TV on one of my monitors.

I want to be able to watch TV and to be able to do other stuff at the same time on the same monitor, so be able to have PIP i guess is what Im saying.

Would I be better off buying a TV tuner card? or samsung T260HD which has a TV tuner built in ?

I just want to be able to watch tv, but resize the TV area, so I can do other stuff on same monitor.

any advice would be great!!1


- alex
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  1. You can do this by simply purchasing a TV tuner card. It's really pretty straight-forward.

    I'd suggest the Hauppauge 2250 - it's got dual-digital tuners, so you can record and watch different shows.
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