What are the best parts I can get?

so i am starting a new build and i was looking for some advice

my budget is under 350 USD, i have all the peripherals, and an HDD, and optical drives, and i am using this for a lot of multitasking and mild gaming

I am going x64 but not right now so just 2 gig for now

Mobo; ................90

Gigabyte, 16 gig max RAM DDR3 AM3 HD4200, mATX

RAM: ..............35

OCZ gold 2 gig DDR3 1333 mhz

Proc: ................60

AMD Athlon II x2 Regor AM3

Case: ..................70

Lian-li Atx

Two choices don't know which one .....................75

Seasonic, i think it is a trustable brand?
430 watt ......................65
OCZ 450 watt

i have been told that i want a name brand PSU, i know 450 watt is overkill but i am going to add a gfx card later so i need some headroom

I wanted a quad like the propus but too expensive

I want a second HDD since mine is a UltraDMA HDD so i am afraid it will be a bottle neck

I am looking at this, a Seagate 250 gb 7200 RPM

Sorry for the long post and thanks for ur patience
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  1. And how good is Seagate compared to WD?
  2. Seasonic is a guality PSU manufacturer. That second link is a Corsair, which is also top of the line. The Seasonic has two pcie adapter cables so it should handle any graphics card you want to add in the future, I would go with it.

    Antec 200 $50 free shipping.
  3. Thanks, that is an awesome case and cheaper than the Lian Li even though the same price
  4. Make sure thats not the 300 I posted then removed. The 300 only handles ATX motherboards and yours is a microATX.
  5. now it is a different case

    yeah i have the 300

    the two hundred looks good as well
  6. is the PSU too much?
  7. The 300 on newegg does not say it holds micro ATX motherboards, but the Antec web site says it does so ignore my warning above.

    The 200 has two speed fans, the 300 has 3 speed fans. The 300 illusion includes the two front fans so go with it if you like it. The 300 illusion is the best value because of the extra fans.

    Those PSUs are the minimum you can get if you will add a graphics card later. Without power your PC wont work. With a weak or poor quality power supply it will run poorly and do flakey things like lock up. A bad quality power supply can actually damage other components in your system. The power supply is not something you want to skimp on.
  8. Antec's PSU calc says with the 4550 i only need something that can deliver 215 watts
  9. Best answer
    PC&PC and Seasonic are both quality PSU manufacturers, either will be fine.

    I dont know why you would get a 4550, might as well just use the onboard HD4200 video. THe 4670 is the most powerful graphics card I know of that does not require a PCIE power cable and it is considered minimal by todays standards.

    With one of the larger power supplies above you could get an adequite modern card like the DX11 compatible DH5750 or even 5770 and play any game at a decent graphics level. These kinds of graphics cards should have a 450W PSU or more.
  10. Would the new Athlon II X3's be in the budget? If you can go to either of them I think it's worth it. I don't think they've made landfall yet on newegg though.

    As far as power supply, I wouldn't get something that's only barely enough for your current build. I mean, there's always a chance for upgrades. If you get something like that you'll find yourself hamstringed when you go to get any particular part - especially graphics - because you'll also have to buy a new PSU.
  11. ok so which one should i get

    the sea sonic or PC&PC?
  12. My favorite was this 450W Corsair you had linked in your original post.

    If you are sure you wont want a decent graphics card in the future then either of the last two you linked should be fine so decide on price.
  13. but do i need it?
  14. no it isn't possible for the Athlon x3s i actually wanted the Propus but way over my budget
  15. wait i am confused

    so how many watts do i need for this build?
    note: i get an usage of 240 watts from
    that is with a 4670, which i will get later
  16. I got 280 without the 4670 and 340 with a 4670 graphics card. That is the minimum you should consider. It gives you no option to change your mind in a year and get a better graphics card than a 4670 and very little factor of safety. You would need over 400 watts to add a better graphics card to your system.

    The manufacturer of the 4670 recommends at least 400 watts.
  17. so i will need atleast a 400 watt PSU right?
  18. ok so the final setup ...............60 USD
    Corsair 400 watt PSU .......................45
    Seagate 250 GB HDD .........................46
    Antec 300 case with 4 fans LED ......................... 90
    Gigabyte mobo AM3 .......................... 60
    Athlon II 240 .......................... 40
    Crucial RAM 2 gig
  19. Any opinions?
  20. If you are going to run XP or Win7 that all looks good.
  21. yeah xp but win 7 when i get it

    and 64 bit of course
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