AMD Phenom II X4 975 overclocking?

Anyone know how high the AMD Phenom II X4 975 can overclock (stable) using an aftermarket cooler (CM Hyper 212+)? Was going to get the i5 2500k but I would need a new motherboard for that and I have't got the cash for both. Going to be used for gaming on games like BF3 (which I've had bottlenecking from my older Athlon II x4 processor that can't be overclocked.)
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  1. each processor is a bit different. theres no "Safe" start. i believe that chip starts at 3.6. run prime 95 for a bit (20 minutes or so) and see what your temps are under load. then bump it up a bit at a time, maybe to 3.8 first if its a new chip, and then stress it again. keep doing this till you find the sweet spot :)
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  3. Thanks.
  4. I have a Phenom II x4 965 BE and Malmental said I could just up the multiplier (no voltage tinkering) and get 3.8Ghz out of it - and MOST people do. Mine however run sweet with no issues @ 3.7Ghz all day long.

    but my buddy is looking into the Phenom II X4 975 BE and we were both wondering what it's "top" just by multiplier could be. any one have any experience with this first hand?
  5. I booted at 4.3ghz, windows was a bit icky though, 4.4 was tricky but I managed a Cpu-z screenshot, (back in october)

    couldn't use explorer though, it just blue-screened it

    **Edit, you got me thinking and I got 4.4GHz tonight,
    for a few more details, bottom of page three
    4GHz is plenty for my use and most days I just leave it at 3.6GHz tbh, I don't do anything to push it so its not needed :)
  6. Motopsychojdn said:
    4GHz is plenty for my use and most days I just leave it at 3.6GHz tbh, I don't do anything to push it so its not needed :)Moto

    So Moto, is 4.0Ghz a multiplier or is that w/ voltage too on your 975?
    are you H2O only?
    and if you are
    has anyone ever ran a 975 on air @ 3.9/4.0Ghz? IS that safe or ok w/ stock cooling? - because I am running my 965 @ 3.7Ghz on stock air.
  7. Nope, thats pure multiplier,
    voltage read as 1.47v but my TX850 tends to overfeed things (or at east it reads that way) so I set 1.45v manually, lowered the ram to 800MHz and once booting/running ok, try moving the ram back up towards 1600MHz (if your ram is 1600MHz ofc)
    but all settings on auto otherwise,
    remember to tweak and get the lowest voltage you can though, temperature is the one to watch :)
    and yes, distilled water, 2 killcoils and Uv light, no additives
    if your temps are ok then I'd say your 965 is safe enough :)
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