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may I ask something...
I don't really know what d meaning of cache memory...
Anyone can help me?
mmm.... anyone know comparison of cache sizes frm many vendor like IBM, intel, etc from 2000-2010??
Thank's.. :)
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  1. just like having a credit/debit to use where we go instead of hanging with banks to withdraw cash..

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  2. thank's for ur info manojgj...
    I need d comparison of cache sizes from many vendor like IBM, intel, etc from 2000 until 2010,, do u know it?? :)
  3. If you take a class in computer architecture you would understand the concept of cache, but since I take it you don't want to do that just go over to wikipedia

    Basically the CPU checks to see if it has what it needs in cache, if not then it has to wait for it to be retrieved from memory which takes longer. As for cache sizes you need to research the history of the CPUs you're interested in. Keep in mind that not all cache is created equal. For example, L2 cache on Brisbane AM2 CPUs is slightly slower than on AM2 Windsor CPUs.
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