Best ram in the world?!

I found these RAM, and i would like to know if they are possible the best in the world? :D

Haven't seen any other ram with tighter timings than that.

Post your thoughts.
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  1. Nope... Not even close... Mine could do that easily and even better... Check my timing... My speed is way above the rated speed of your redline and my timing is still phenomenal... Stable and cpuz verified...
  2. Hi newcomer and welcome to the Tom's hardware forum.

    We can't say that is the best in the world, because that depends of many factors like the CL, voltage, price, OC capacity, compatibility...etc.

    But you can be sure that is one of the best, because the timings are similar to the DDR2 standard and with a good voltage.
  3. Any ram you guys think are super great? Got a little issue picking some since i know next to nothing about ram.
  4. The one you picked isn't bad at all, just not the best in the world or the best money can buy... You can get it if you can afford... I wouldn't mind usin them myself...
  5. Whats the best ram money can buy then? :3
  6. Well, we know that if the money isn't important you should go for the Mushkin Redline. But, the one of the best ram price/performance are this:

    For 4GB:

    1- G.Skill Ripjaws 1600 CL7
    2- G.Skill ECO 1600 CL7
    3- Mushkin Redline 1600 CL7

    For 6GB

    1- G.Skill Ripjaws 1600 CL8
    2- G.Skill PI series 1600 CL7
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