Which is correct, CMOS setup or BIOS setup?

Hello guys, just want to know what is the correct term about the firmware called BIOS. Should I say CMOS setup or BIOS setup? Thanks! :) :D
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  1. The motherboards 'menu' is referred to as bios, Cmos is usually the term used for the battery that you occasionally replace
  2. So the correct term is BIOS setup?
  3. The CMOS is a chip(Complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductor) which stores your mobo bios settings in it's memory.
    When someone resets their bios = like an unstable overclock for example,many boards have a CMOS button(or jumper pins) which resets the bios to pre-overclock(factory bios) settings.
    Another method is to remove the CMOS battery for a couple of minutes = accomplishes the same thing.(resets the bios)
  4. @davcon
    So it's a BIOS setup? BIOS setup is the correct term?
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    shengton said:
    So it's a BIOS setup? BIOS setup is the correct term?

  6. I see, thanks davcon.
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  8. Yes bios is the name of the software like os for operating system cmos is where its stored
  9. both
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