Xfx Radeon 5750

Ok so my first question is basically is this a good card? How does it run in Crysis? (i'm not afraid of a little lag)
And if i buy this card I've gotta buy a new power supply as well, can anyone recommend a PSU that works with this card? Not to expensive though i'm a a slim budget.

And finally, it runs with a 6pin PCI connector is it possible to use a 8pin PCI connector on it or do i need some kind of adapter?
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  1. its ok but your be better off with a 5850 cause games like crysis are hard core on gpus and if you want to play it with everything maxed you need the best gpu you can afford. then some :)
    just go to newwegg for psus
  2. The 5750 is a pretty power efficient card, so I'd say go with a decent PSU in the 500-600W range. Should run about $50-$60 (ex: OCZ MXSP, PC P&C, Corsair, etc). And why do you want to use an 8 pin, most PSUs come with six first and then 8 (sometimes with adapter) so you should always have a free 6 pin. And yes, it is an ok card, but be sure to check benchmarks (I believe stickied at the top of this forum) to see if it performs well enough for you in the games you want to play.
  3. Seriously? What are the details of your computer? What power supply do you have? What resolution do you play Crysis at? Try this article for starters...

  4. Thanks for the link. Right now i have a 400w Chieftec PSU which i fear is not enough. And about the 8 pin connector question i was just wondering IF it is possible to plug a 8pin into the card or if you need a adapter or something.
  5. A 400w should power a 5750 fine. Thats assuming most of your other hardware is med range.
  6. I was checking out this card on newegg, is this a dual core chip powering this card? I couldn't see that in the review because I am too damn lazy to read the entire thing. Hey, at least I am honest.
  7. Dual core? No. It has hundreds of stream processor.
  8. Hi,

    I'm running the following:

    Intel Pentium D
    3GB RAM
    Couple of HDDs
    XFX ATi Radeion HD5750
    Dell 375W PSU.

    It runs fine (so far (fingers crossed))!!

    Good luck!!!!
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