4850 temperature

i have ati 4850 512mb

how much is temperature of vga core in normal operation mode ?

my vga temperature is 83 when it is in normal mode, is it ok ?

here is screenshot of rivatuner monitoring : http://twitpic.com/ni89o
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  1. when you said normal mode did you mean idle mode? if that's your idle temp then i said it is a bit too high. check you heatsink if its clogged. also check you case air flow
  2. I am using 2x4850 Crossfired and i am geting middle 50/53 idle and around 60 65 In use so from my point of view urs is a bit high but 4850 should be able to wistand 120C but is the rest of your cooling good and maybe you should change the fan speed to 50 % or something like it that way it should reduce the heat by alot
  3. yes i mean idle mode ! i manually set the fan speed to 100% for a while and it drops to 55 !
    i am having problems with some games, after 5-10 minutes of playing suddenly it crash and show a blank screen then monitor show a message that it is not optimal resolution ! then the only way is to reset the computer !
    what should i do ?
  4. First get some software to check your Case tempereture for overall i forgot which one i was using at home but u could just google something up like Speedfan then u should check if the FAN on the Videocard is puted in perfectly like the guy above my post said then see ur case tempereture if the SINK is placed correctly then you should probabliy try to remove it and put cooling paste on then put it back on.But do that only as last resort or/if your case does not receive sufficient cooling you should probabliy add more fans could you please describe your whole setup so we could know more.
  5. Yeah i would check the airflow in your case, what type of cooler is on your card? Does it exhaust hot air back in the case or out the back like the dual slot coolers do? You shouldn't need to set the fan at 100% to keep it cool. If your airflow is good do what other said and check to see if the heatsink is mounted firmly and re-apply thermal grease if necessary.
  6. i make it to 100% speed manually as i said, now i test a game and it runs without any crash for a long time !
    so it is heating problem ! is it make any problem when i am using it at 100% speed ?
  7. well it will shorten the life of the fan by alot if it's constantly runing but it shouldn't ne on 100% it should run in about 30% normaliy 100% is if u are Looking for better cooling in the case of overcloking but ur card should work on 30% 40% normaliy so there is a problem somewhere could you please report the CASE tempereture because i belive it's Either case or not rightly placed sink you should really recheck it if it fits perfectly those are the only 2 options
  8. system and cpu are about 43 degrees !
  9. datis said:

    Gah you have one of the single slot models. They don't run cool at all >.<
    That still doesn't mean it should be that hot though, because that is way too hot to be normal.
  10. so whats the problem ?! is there any way to fix it ?
  11. I would take your heat sink off and check for good contact between it and the GPU chip. Do you have any thermal paste/grease to apply? It might need more.
  12. no i dont have right now ! i should buy some then
  13. could it be a driver problem ?
  14. it's not driver problem, like everyone say above, it's heat problem...
    Let's see if u done applying thermal paste on your GPU...
    Same as edeawillrun, that card is not cool, mostly vga card take 2 slots on your mobo instead of 1 coz 1 slot is required for cooling device...
    Why don't u take HIS with it's IceQ 4, it's very cool man...
  15. when i put the fan speed to higher values manually, i see some blinking red dots in some dark and red areas ! why this happens ?!
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