OCZ vs Corsair

OCZ Z-Series OCZZ650 650W or Corsair 650HX

Which one would be better for an i5 system?

OCZ (Silver) has a higher certification than the Corsair (Bronze). Does that make it better?
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  1. the silver 80 plus means that it is more power efficient go with the OCZ only for efficiency otherwise they are both very stable, powerful and reliable brands

    if you had the same exact specs on both it would go down to personal preference, as i said they are both high quality and VERY reliable
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    The 620-HX gets a 9.5 performance rating at

    520-HX gets a 9.0

    850-HX gets a 10.0

    OCZ 850 gets an 8.5

    Based upon the above, of those two, I'd get the HX

    Or go for a 10.0 and get the SG-650
  3. corsair is better quality but both will be plenty fine and OCZ has a decent reputation too. is you want higher efficiensy (more efficiency=less heat=lower fan speed=quieter)
    i recommend the OCZ but for long-lasting ness they're both OK but corsair is better.
  4. Corsair. The slightly higher efficiency of the OCZ is not enough to override the better quality of the Corsair.
  5. ^+1
  6. Corsair for me too!
  7. seasonic x 650
  8. I'd go for Corsair too, though have never had problems with OCZ.
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