How to overclock Intel Core 2 Duo e8600

I just recently purchased an Intel Core 2 Duo e8600. I'm wanting to OC it. I don't know much about this topic. I do know the most common ways to overclock are adjusting the FSB, multiplier, and vCore voltages. However, I don't know how to do these. I've read this and this. It seems you are supposed to go through the BIOS in order to make such adjustments. However, my mobo is OEM. From what I understand the BIOS is locked up tight on such mobos. I'm assuming you can't alter the speed of the memory either. The max supported memory of my mobo is 800MHz and the FSB of the e8600 is 1333MHz. Assuming this can't be adjusted that would that would mean my processor is communicating to my memory, via the FSB, at about 1.6 times faster than my memory can support. Is this going to severely bottleneck my performance even without OCing? Or is there other performance factors I'm missing?

Summary: How can I overclock my GPU given my situation. Links to other sites are fine. No need to rewrite the OCing book on this thread. I did some searching myself. The only thing I found were OC world records on the e8600 and people having problems with the OCing they had already done, but none on the actual process of OCing.

My gear:
Intel Core 2 Duo e8600
4GB of memory running at 667MHz. (Two sticks are PC-5300 and the other two are PC-6400)
Mobo: Dell ORY007
Chipset: Intel Model P35/G33/G31
Southbridge: Intel Model 82801IR (ICH9R)
500W PSU
Stock heat sink.
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  1. Dell has a locked down BIOs you can't overclocked. You will have to buy a new mobo to overclock, and also invest in a new heatsink if you want any decent overclock, as the stock heatsink is only good for stock settings generally.
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