Most reliable 120gb SSD for a new gaming rig?

I'm about to build a new rig and want to select the most reliable, longterm solution 120gb SSD for my rig. It will host the OS and a couple games, but no large files for editing.

This will be my first SSD. Given that even the slowest SSD is blazingly fast compared to HDs, I think I would like to put emphasis on reliability and longevity. I'm currently looking at something like an OCZ Vertex 3, the Agility 3, Corsair Force 3 or maybe an Intel.

It will be used with a GIGABYTE Z68A-D3-B3 motherboard that will never use SLI but hopefully supports Sata 3 and 6 gb/s (?), with a i5-2500K and 2 x 4gb 1600Mhz Kingston ram.

I really don't have much of a clue; is there an easy choice to go for? The small price difference between the options is not terribly relevant. I sincerely do not want the drive to crash on me, ever.

Thanks muchly for any help =)
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  1. Thanks! Don't know how I missed that =)

    I like the quote from the linked-to,2923-7.html
    We're not saying that the performance of SSD isn't important (or impressive). However, as a technology, SSDs generally fall within a narrow performance spectrum. If you were to plot the speed of hard drives against solid-state drives, you would find that a low-end SSD performs about 85% faster than a hard drive. A high-end SSD only commands an 88% speed advantage. That slim margin for differentiation is why companies like Intel preaching the message of reliability instead.

    This sums up my own feelings.
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