Attachment of 500 GB SATA hard disk in mother board

I have 160 GB sata hard disk in my mother board , but i want to extened it by 500 gb sata. So please tell me how to attach two hard disk at one time by primary and secondary IDE channel.And my motherboard is Intel core 2 duo.

Thank you in advance.
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  1. if both drives you are messing with are sata there is no primary secondary ide channels. the drives are picked as primary secondary simply by which sata ports they are plugged into, and that doesnt even really matter. you can install windows onto either, boot to either,etc. really just plug it in just like your current one is in there. power and data cable.
    then boot, if it doesnt boot you need to tell it boot priority in the bios.
    then it will boot.
    windows might not see it if so go into disk manager and format it.
    in windows 7 you can type disk in the search window of the control panel and then click on "create and format hard disk partitions"
    right click on the new drive and format. then i think its a series of OKs
  2. Welcome to Tom's Hardware Forums!

    Connect the power cable to the new drive. Connect the SATA data cable to the drive and the other end to a SATA port on the motherboard. These SATA ports are numbered.

    Re-start the computer and enter the BIOS by repeatedly pressing the F2 or appropriate key (on my computer it is the 'Delete' key). Activate the SATA port into which you plugged in the new drive. Save and exit the BIOS.

    You may need 'Admin' account to do the following:

    After the computer has booted, go to Control Panel ---> Administrative Tools ---> Computer Management ---> Disk Management. Now highlight the newly installed hard drive and do an NTFS format using the defaults as far as partition size is concerned. Exit Control Panel after the formatting is done.

    Re-start the computer. Your newly installed drive is ready for use.
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