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I have bought a LG 32LH3000 TV, 32", 1080p, and a 50,000:1 Contrast Ratio.

When it arrives, I plan on hooking it up to my Laptop via HDMI, and use it as a Monitor.

My Question is, will it lag?And Will I be able to play games on Lowest Quality in Full-Screen?
My Laptop is a HP Compaq CQ-70, with a Intel GMA4500G Graphics Card.

Thanks in Advance,

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  1. It will lag....u can watch movies though....but im not sure abt HD though....
  2. Hmmm..Thanks!
    Another Question...Why does it lag? Doesn't the TV have it's own Graphics Card, or equivalent?
  3. It will lag due to your Laptop hardware. If your Laptop had a more powerfull CPU and GPU then would be fine.
  4. It will lag extremely bad if you set the resolution to 1080p (your TV's native resolution). The GMA 4500 integrated graphics isn't good for gaming at all to be honest. I temporarily had access to a laptop with an Intel 4500 chipset in it, and it was definitely not fun to play with. At the low resolution your laptop's built in monitor has, it might work on some games with lowest settings. But 1080p is equal to 1920x1080 resolution. That's going to tax your laptop pretty heavily.

    Setting your graphics resolution to anything less than 1920x1080 on your TV may not result in optimal viewing either. The TV may or may not handle random resolutions very well.

    For movies and such, it should be awesome though. :)
  5. TVs aren't good at handling resolutions other than their native res. SO, anything less than 1080 wont look good at all. At 1080, games will definitely frame. Movies should be just fine.
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