Need a graphics card that will work with my psu< appreciate any Help

I Have a HP model:a6827 with a duel core e5200, 6 gigs of ram, dvd burner, and 500 gb hard drive
Psu Bestec Model: ATX0300D5Wc Output +12v 19A, +5v 25A, +3.3V 18A

I'm not really that good with computers and have been searching for a graphics card that will work with this comp without buying a new PSU, I prefer buying of newegg, like there customer service. I did find 1

The reason i picked this one is that it specified it would work with my psu, Am i correct, Would also appreciae any other suggestions on any other graphics card.
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  1. First of all we would like to know why you need a Gfx card...

    Stay away from that card.It is not worth the money you are spending on it.

    The best suited card for you and your PSU is HD4670...
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    A fanless graphic card is not a real good idea in a HP case due to the low airflow in their cases. Depending on what your uses are a HD4650 would probably be a better choice.

    If you hope to play any recent games at medium resolutions (1440x900 and below) a HD4670 would be a better choice.

    The 9400GT uses about 30 watts of power, the HD4650 uses about 40 watts and the HD4670 uses about 65 watts, but all would be fine with your stock 300w power supply.
  3. +1 for 4650.
    Slipped out of my mind.
  4. Thank you very much for your quick reply, I dont know much about video cards or computers.
    Really appreciate the advice!
  5. you sure this vid card will run ok it says 400 psu is required?
  6. RjCharlie, the best graphics card that can safely run on your PSU is an HD4670. It's a top-notch budget card, capable of handling any game at resolutions 12x10 and lower.
  7. Yes, it will work, the manufacturer just hedged his numbers. Your Bestec 300w PSU will handle the 4670 easily. Check out this chart that shows a system similar to yours in power consumption (Athlon64 x2 5000+, HD, RAM,burner and a 4650) uses only 140 watts at full load, the 4670 would only add about 25 more watts, still plenty of headroom.
  8. I agree with all.
    Get 4670 for sure.
  9. You guys are awesome, I'm so glad this site is around for people like me. Thank all you guys so much
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