Is my current PSU Enough for Geforce gtx 285 ?


I have a question.
I have buy new graphic card : "BFG Geforce gtx 285"
my old card was Geforce 8800 gts320
i want to know if i must change the PSU
here is the specification of my PSU

Model :BD500W
+5v : 40A
+12v1: 16A
+12v2: 17A
-12v : 0.8A
+3.3v: 34A
+5VSB: 2.5A

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  1. NVIDIA's minimum power supply recommendation is a 550W PSU with a current rating of 40A on the 12V rail.

    Per Nvidia, your PSU is inadequate. If you choose to roll the dice and try it, well... that's your choice.
  2. "BFG Geforce gtx 285"

    There are better options like HD 5870/5850/4890.

    And ya if you are getting that card then better get a new PSU...
  3. An ATI 5850 (assuming you can find one) is an equally suitable card... with the added benefit of lower power consumption, less noise and DX11. Hey, I love mine!
  4. You say right but i want Physix and Cuda that ATI Never and Ever does.

    If i test New card with my Psu may it broke my gtx285?
    or System hangs or ...
  5. Don't think negative...
    There will be just a small explosion thats it :)

    Just kidding...
    Anything can happen...There is possibility that GPU will not get enough power...

    If you want to get a Nvidia card then why not go for the GTX 275...
    Slightly less performance for much less $$
  6. Best answer
    Short answer, no. Upgrade your PSU first to a quality name brand (corsair/antec/seasonic). Save for GPU later. I made same mistake you are about to make. Heed this advice at your own choosing.
  7. Yes, a 500watt PSU will be enough. In most reviews, a single GTX285 with a Quad Core drew around or less than ~350watts at load.

    If you haven't bought it already, then go for a 5850's cheaper and slightly better.
  8. You never want to stress your PSU. When PSU's get stressed, they heat up which causes more stress, etc... . You may not blow it right away, but you can cause a lot of fatigue over many cycles of use.

    If the specs say you need a 550w PSU, get a 600w or higher. PSU's will last much longer if not stressed.
  9. Bluescreendeath said:
    Yes, a 500watt PSU will be enough. In most reviews, a single GTX285 with a Quad Core drew around or less than ~350watts at load.

    If you haven't bought it already, then go for a 5850's cheaper and slightly better.

    i wouldn't trust this 500w, 33A on the 12v, probably not even, we all know that 16+17 doesn't always equal 33 (for amps)
  10. I have a Dell Studio 435 XPS that was a outlet PC (920 i7, 4670 ATI w/512, 12 gig DDR3, Vista 64, BR player CDRW), (excellent price - $765). Problem was the ATI card would not sync the HDTV (Proview 40" PA-40JK1A) on the DVi to HDMI conversion, it would see it, identify it, but not display to it. I asked Dell for support and they indicated that a few Panasonic models had the same issue (BIOS upgrade on the PC fixed a couple but not in my case).

    They shipped me a GeForce GTX 285, but my PS only had one of the required 2 additional PCI-E 6 pin cables, so they are sending me more. All of it is gratis, with no returns of components required! Now that's an upgrade I can deal with.

    Obviously, the 360 watt PC is a light supply to start. I relayed my concern that the 80 wall to 205 watt video card jump was a concern, and the senior tech (stepped up the India food chain a bit) told me he knew of several boxes with this configuration without problem.

    My plan is to test the card and verify the display works. If it does, step backward to the ATI until I can get a larger PS installed. If it doesn't work for my display set-up, then ebay here I come to the auction off the card and suffer without it on my HDTV (but I am hoping this ISN'T the case!).

    In the past, Dell had made configuration of the PS to be unit specific on several desktop platforms. This made upgrading the PS tricky. Does anyone know of a PS for the 435 Studio XPS of 550 Watt or higher that will function plug and play?
  11. Ok.

    Yesterday I test it with my 500W psu.
    But when i test the card with 3dmark06 suddenly psu was shutdowned.

    and then I have buy a new power "Thermaltake Toughpower 850W" and now it has no problem.

    thanks anyway.
  12. Bigly - was that in a Dell Studio 435 XPS?
  13. Hey im thinking of bying a 520w, for the xfx 5770, Cos the one i have now is at 300, and when i start i get the no video output message and then black screen, i have connected the 6pin, But the fan is going verry slow so, will 520w be okey? They say minmum of 450w.

    The PSU

    +3.3V - 22 A 4 x 4 pin 4 x 15-pin 1 x power, 6-pin PCI Express 1 x power, 8 pin +12 V
    +5V - 15 A
    +12V1 - 14 A
    +12V2 - 16 A
    -12V - 0.3 A
    +5VSB - 2.5 A

    The Graphic card REC: * PCI Express or PCI Express 2.0 compliant motherboard with one X16 graphics slot
    * 450 Watt or greater power supply with two 75W 6-pin PCI Express® power connectors recommended (600 Watt and four 6-pin connectors for ATI CrossFireX™ technology in dual mode)
    * Certified power supplies are recommended.
    * Minimum 1GB of system memory

    Now here is the site for the PSU if you want the whole info.
  14. Ohh and my motherboard power supply cable the big one, Is at 24 pin, There is 24 20 and 20+4. i have the 24.
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