9800gx2 + Powersupply

I Have a Antec 650 NEW Truepower POwer supply and evga 9800gx2. When I power up the system the screen stays black. All the LEDs on the card are on. I can see and hear my hard drive booting into windows. What could the problem be? Q6600 2.4GHZ 8GB DDR2-800mhz 1x sound card creative 3x hard drives 2x cd-roms DVD-rw drives
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  1. 1.Make sure that monitor is working.

    2.If it is working then take out your Gfx card and boot your PC with onboard Gfx card.

    (Your PSU is sufficient for your GPU)
  2. I had a BFG 8600GTS oc2 in there before and it booted up fine. I cannot figure out why the computer will not boot up with this card in there.

    The motherboard is Gigabyte GA-P35-DS3R
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