1045t overclock with AOD

hey guys

i would like to oc my 1045t with amd overdirve. i have several questions below

1. How do i oc with AOD
2. how far can i go with a dell brand mobo and stock cooler
3. Is it even nesseciary

hope you guys can help. thanks :??:
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  1. With the stock cooler, I would start small (maybe a couple hundred Mhz), then put it under full load with something like prime95 and watch the core temps like a hawk.

    (The blend test doesn't really bring the heat until the second bank of tests.)

    My 1045t is using a slightly upgraded cooler, with a second fan,
    and I still had to play a balancing act between higher speeds and lower voltages to keep temps below 55c under full load.

    Right now, it's running at 3.4 Ghz with 1.344v under full load.

    I would expect heat issues with the stock cooler and these settings.

    As for the AOD software I looked around a little in the program, but never actually used it for an OC. Maybe someone else can chime in for details on that.
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