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I purchased a CUBE microSD/TransFlash to use in my mobile phone for music. I downloaded music to my computer from Itunes and attempted to transfer it to the SD Card. I will not let me saying that the disk is "write protected". What can I do to remove the write protection off of the SD card so that I can transfer my music to the SD card?
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  1. Your card reader may not be working correctly.
    I was like you before. Inserted my MicroSDHC into a cheap card reader. Tried to copy files. Sometimes succeeded, sometimes write-protected.
    But then I borrowed my friend's branded card reader and no problem whatsoever!
    So I got SanDisk MobileMate Duo and the problem went away. Works like a charm.
    Transcend P5 is also quite decent and it's cheaper than my card reader.
  2. ZenithCS, I have precisely the same reader you proposed (SanDisk MobileMate Duo) and it is still write-protected and therefore I can't copy anything on the SD card.The problem isn't the reader.
  3. Generally, sliding on the one side of the SD card could unlock the write protection. Have you tried it?
    Doesn't work?
    You need to read this first:
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