GTX 260 Size Help

I'm getting a Gainward or Inno3D GTX 260
And the size of the card in length is 10.5 inches and Height is 4.376 inches
And I want to use the Thermaltake V3
But I don't know if the card will fit inside without any issues :(
Has anyone used the Thermaltake V3 and tried to put in 10.5 inch graphics card ?
Any other suggestions if this one cant be used ?
Cheers thanks :)
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  1. That card should work just fine in that case it's a mid tower ATX which is what I use and I've had no issue placing large cards. You just have to plan where things go so that you don't end up with a HDD getting in the way or cables.
  2. Hey buddy i know its a mid tower but it's much smaller compared to your case
    Can you check this out ?

    Because the v3 is listed as the smallest in this comparision table
    And i'm starting to doubt if i can fit my GTX 260 in it ??
    And what if i later update to Sli and put another one ?

    Thanks for your input
    Cheers :)
  3. Well if that chart is to be believed then you have your answer as the V3 is shown as max graphics card of 263 and what you want to use is 266.7.

    Seems poorly planned on Thermaltakes part since mid towers do end up with ATX boards most of the time but it is what it is.

    Besides if you are planning on SLI later you'd be wise to consider that cooling is also a concern and stuffing too much hardware into too small of a space does not generally work out well in the end.
  4. No actually the v3 is quite good for $79 with a 450watt PSU :non: :D
    I really like that case
    But its only good for mid ranged PC's I guess.
    Now I'll go for a Coolermaster HAF 922 ($165) or a Thermaltake V9 ($108)
    And buy any Corsair PSU which is more than 600w
    I'm sure that's more than enough for my rig
    Thanks a lot for your help :D
    Cheers :)
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