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I need help getting a new monitor. I'm looking to get a new monitor with atleast 5ms, 26inchs or more, widescreen, high resoloution, and just has great overall aspects to it. I do not want to pay more than 350$ for this. I will be using this to play any high end games (I have a HD Sapphire 5870, replaced my 4870x2) I mostly play any type of games, FPS'a, World of warcraft, Many RTS's, and many others. I'm running on a little 19 inch at the moment.


Oh and I have been looking at this monitor
Tell me what you guys think.
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  1. Go to

    Under computer monitors they have a 28" monitor for 300
  2. I've been using the Hans G 28" monitor for a while now, and its great. Very clear picture, huge and with 3ms response time, its great for gaming.

    Over 1400 reviews and a 5 eggs review at newegg, winner of 6 customer coice awards at newegg. Must be good to have won all that.

    DOn't hesitate.
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