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Ok so i installed this mobo today install went smooth no problems with any installation System boots up goes through it's paces but when windows starts loading on the windows loading is shown for about 2 min then the windows logo will show up and the pc will finish booting up. Why such the long delay on the windows booting process? It is win 7 home premium 64bit. both the original bios and the updated bios still nothing has changed. I am running a dynex 450 watt power supply ati radeon 4850 1gb video card. 6 gigs of ddr 3 memory AMD Phenom IIx4 3.2GHZ black edition 125w CPU no overclocking. Once the pc is up and running its fine no issues at all it's just the booting of windows thats slow as a snail. It never did this with my old msi motherboard. I have set the bios to load optimized defaults and have changed nothing else except the boot sequence which is my HD Then Rom. ANy info or help would be greatly appreciated.
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  1. Oh and the board is ver 1.1
  2. Is that 3x2GB of ram?

    What happens with only 2x2GB?

    What all parts of this system have been tested (used before)?

    And this was a fresh install of Windows (when you replaced the motherboard) correct?
  3. It is the 3x2 ram i tried it with the 2x2 and the 1x1 and the same problem. All parts have been tested and have no issues and i did indeed put a fresh copy of windows 7 on. One thing that makes me suspicious is the dynex power supply i am using. Someone had said the 400 watt powersupply is not a true 400 watt. I was doing a bit of reading and found out that this motherboard says in the documentation that a 500 watt power supply is needed for proper booting. Has anyone ever heard of that?
  4. I've never heard of that, however I would suggest getting a better PSU. A poor quality PSU is generally OK when not stressed, however if you stress it (like your system will) it is like a time bomb, could go off at any time. Although it possibly (probably) won't fix the issue, it might, and it is just a good idea in general.

    Look at Corsair, Antec, Seasonic or OCZ in the 500-600W range.
  5. Everything is fixed. I eneded up with a corsair 750 watt psu put it in booted up and bingo everything loaded the normal way no slow downs at all. This is the first time i have ever heard of this happening where an underpowered psu would wreak havock on bootup. Thanks again for all the help and suggestions.
  6. Wow, I will have to remember that for the future. Thank you very much for posting back. Great PSU choice by the way, that one should be excellent and last a long time.
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