How to Remove Welcome Screen on XP Home Edition

Is there any way to remove the welcome screen on XP home edition? I think before I added a password I used to not have a welcome screen at all whenever I did a re-start or whenever I deactivated the screensaver by moving the mouse. It would just automatically go to the desktop. I no longer use a password but now have the welcome screen come up on restarts and SS deactivation. It's not a big deal - I just have to click OK but I would just like to keep it from coming up. Thanks.
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  1. How to turn on automatic logon in Windows XP

    Just click on the "Fix-it" link for a quick solution.. or read how to edit the registry to manually enable Automatic Logon in Windows XP
  2. Go to the control panel. Double click on User Accounts. Click on Change the way users log on and off. Remove the check mark from Use the welcome screen and click the apply options button.
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