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I really would like to do standard cooling on my new i5-750 that I have coming in but I need to know what the best cooler for the money is. I really don't want to go extreme in price as I only plan to do moderate overclocking but I would like to ensure that my new processor stays as cool as possible without water cooling. The components that I ordered are as follows

Diamond Radeon HD 5850 1GB DDR5 PCIe
and I have an older but still good Antec NeoHE 500 500W Power Supply
NZXT M59 Gaming ATX Mid Tower Case
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  1. Looks nice and a great price but the reviews for it on newegg are less than stellar. Do you have one and if so how is your experience?
  2. thats currently the best priced performance cooler but there are other options ,whats your budget for a cooler?
  3. What is your max budget?
  4. No real budget. I did some searching after you sent me the link to newegg and yes from what I can tell the price/performance of this cooler is really good.
  5. To better answer your question. I don't have a budget but I would like to keep it less that $100.
  6. Those are dead sexy... my only concern is if they will fit in the NZXT M59 Gaming ATX Mid Tower Case .
  7. They are one of the best one's available in the market. And you are right they are drop dead gorgeous!!! :D
    I have a Thermalright True Black. Its fits in my CM690 easy. But your cabinet is 190mm in width so it could be a problem. If there is any way to check before buying, do it.
    Also check CoGage True Spirit. Its another good one and may fit your cabinet.
  8. I found a picture of it mounted inside the NZXT M59 and it will work. Thanks a ton for the help I think I found my cooler :D
  9. Glad to help. Congratulations!!
    I checked the pic now and saw that you may have to go for a single fan setup! Rather than a double fan setup. Coz the top fan may cause some hindrance.
  10. I did look at that too it blocks one of the fan ports but not both on the top. From everything I read that is a common problem with most heat sinks for this case.
  11. Cool! Have fun OC'ing.
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