Asus p5kpl + core 2 q6600 possible??

is it possible with this combo to o/c? if not what is a cheap mobo that it can be done with?

its a 64 bit vista with 4gb ram and a 5450 gpu.

what psu is needed? (currently have 400w)

also can it be done in a limited way i.e 2.4 up to 2.8 and keep stock cooler?

if it is possible as im sure core 2 q6600 can be clocked to 3.3ghz are there any guides on doing it correctly pls or explain it to me as im ne to o/cing
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  1. First rule of the forums- read the stickies. The 'READ THIS FIRST' sticky has all these rules.
    Second rule of the forums- read and search other threads. There have been a LOT of this exact question asked in the past 2 weeks- I have commented on about 5-6.

    Start here:

    Don't expect someone to just feed you answers- no chip clocks the same, and hardware as well as trial and error are the real keys to a successful overclock. Google is your friend- don't be afraid to search for answers. The best thing you can ever do for yourself is learn.

    I have that same chip running at 3.6.
  2. lol no im aware that the q6600 ic o/cable my prob is that i dont know if my mobo supports it. I have looked on google and the forum and the p5kpl is doable im just not sure if mine is different as its a p5kplam-epu.

    I have looked wasnt being lazy :D
  3. I would just like to say I did research and found straight away that Q6600 can be overclocked quite significantly.

    After further tedious searches I dug out my manual (took a while lol) found that my mobo p5kpl-am epu can be used to get into bios and change settings, has an AI overclock feature that can be changed to manual

    Only have a few questions hopefully you dont mind helping.

    Ive read a few times that the stock heat sink will allow you to get to 2.8ghz safely, is this right? its 2 years old now and im going to give it to my brother ordered my new system yesterday. as such would rather not spend money on am coolers but dont mind too much as there cheap enough so is thermal paste.
  4. I currently have a Q6600 at stock with a stock cooler after 3 years it was running at 50-60C idle now with a CM212+ and OC'd to 3.0 it is at 25-32C idle

    CM212+ (comes with thermal paste) is hands down the best 25 dollar investment I have made to my rig.

    It is up to you but for the small price I think it is worth it
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