SSD for OS + 2TB Raid 1 with 1TB USB backup feedback

Hey guys,

I just finished ordering all the parts for my new system and for the first time I'm going to be going with a RAID setup.

After reading a bunch of forum posts I would just like to get a little feedback on my plan.


Windows 7 Professional/Ultimate?

Crucial M4 128 SSD

2 x 2TB SAMSUNG EcoGreen F4 HD204UI HDD's

Western Digital MyBook 1TB USB Hard Drive (Already have from previous system)

on an ASRock Z68 EXTREME4 GEN3 motherboard
The SSD will be used for the OS and a few games/applications.

So.... SSD + 2TB RAID1 for storage/other programs and use the 1TB external as a Backup for everything.

How could I backup my 128 SSD incase that fails? Would this work? Is this overkill? Just looking for a little input as the best solution for what Im trying to do (not lose data :0 )

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  1. Your Western Digital MyBook should come with WD Anywhere Backup software.
    You can use that to create different backup profiles.

    You can download the software from if you don't have your installation cd.
  2. AFAIK Acronis TrueImage is the software to use right? I can get any software that doesnt really matter.

    What about the setup plan?
  3. You need 4 TB of storage plus the 1 TB my book ? Win 7 Ultimate also has an automatic backup feature that you can designate where you want the backup to be. The mybook would suffice being the backup while one 2 TB drive for storage is enough, unless you really have a lot of movies , albums and large files. You do seem to be focused on storage , what about the video card , maybe you can forgo one of the hdd's for a little bit better video card.
  4. Please re-read. The 2TB would be in a RAID1 configuration or some other configuration and the Mybook is backup.

    What I need to know if this is feasible/smart or if there is a better way to utilize the components listed in the first post.

    Also, Is there a way with these HD's to backup my SSD (OS drive) in case of failure? I do have a 160GB HD that I have lying around that I could use.
  5. Help, parts come in today!
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