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Hi guys i was looking to upgrade my stock cpu fan on a phenom 965. The problem is that i have a micro asus motherboard, ASUS M4A785-M AM3/AM2+/AM2 AMD( and i wanted to know if all HSF will fit on to it because its micro. Can you guys also give me any suggestion for a good HSF that will let me overclock my build safely and install properly. Should i try Overclocking with heat sink fan? Any feedback would be appreciated thank you.
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  1. Hi.

    The best cooler for price/performance is the CoolerMaster 212 plus.

    You can install it without problems, all the mobos have the same socket dimensions.

    If you want how to install the Hyper 212+ in a mobo socket AM3/AM2+/AM2, you can read this

    BE SURE that your case have enough space (wide) for install the Hyper 212+ or the cooler that you want buy.
  2. Thx saint! I am sorry i forgot to add that little information(sarcasm) :ouch: I have a pretty good COoler master MID tower ATX case. I do like coolermaster HSF and its a nice price. Any other ones that arent too costly and would fit on my tiny board before i pull the trigger and order this. Installing this could be a problem for me may b. I also dont want to put a HSF that will block my ram slots also but i dont think this one will.
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    Well, the others more cheap aren't good IMO. So, with this cooler I can get 4GHz with my X4 955.

    And check the 2nd link that I post, is for install the Hyper 212+
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