H100 vs rasa 360
with 3 couagar 120mm fans or h100 with 2 stock fans and 2 coaugar fans . i want to run at 4.5-4.9 ghz
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  1. Running an overclock at 4.5-4.9 has more to do with just cooling. You can also get there with a good air cooler, but since this is a watercooling forum, I think we need to start from the beginning.

    Why are these 2 your only options? It's kind of an apples to oranges comparison- there isn't much similarity.
  2. well im ording all my electronics soon and i want the best cooling i can get in the 140-170$ range alltho i can go a tiny over tho . those 2 kits are the best from what ive seen if theres better for this range of price id certinly like to know its gonna be for a 1155 i52500k
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    You missed the Rasa RX240, the RS240 and the EX240 and EX360.

    Any of those are better than an H100, but all (including an H100) would be fine.
  4. ah, so i think ill go with a rasa360 with 3 cougar fans knowing that its better than the h100 thanks :)
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