Buying a second 9800m GTX??

Hi all,
I want to get a second 9800m GTX for my Sager NP9262 so that I can go sli. I called Sager and they say the card isnt being made any more so I can't order one. Does anyone know of a way to get a second one of these cards??
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  1. Is that a laptop GPU?
  2. I think this is it.
  3. ebay
  4. Yes that is the same laptop I have and yea the card is for it. I only found one on ebay and it looked kinda sketchy. Is it as easy as plug and play sli as it is on desktops. Is there no legitimate way to get one of these cards?
  5. If the manufacture will not sell you one then you may have to buy another laptop to break open for it's card, even then there is no guarantee that you would be able to fit the card yourself, the moral here is that laptops should not be looked at in the same light as desktops because laptops are not 'user serviceable'.
  6. Does anyone know if I can put a 280m into my Sager? Its a Clevo D901C.
  7. Nevermind seems that I can but its going to cost over $1000 so thats clearly not an option.
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