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I am currently thinking about what coolant I should use for my loop. I read somewhere that using dyed coolant will stain your components, but I also read that using plain distilled water will lead to bacteria forming. What should I do?
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  1. What does the watercooling sticky say?

  2. "Also, this is a wise time to consider additives for your water. Almost all seasoned watercooling veterans will tell you to use only distilled water and either a biocide (such as PTNuke or similar) or a KillCoil...or both. A killcoil is a coil of .9999 pure silver that you drop into your reservoir to inhibit growth of algae and other critters. Most will highly advise against using premixes; some of these even precipitate out and can clog your blocks. "
    But I was told by some people that the additives don't work or something...
  3. and that they are only made for certain metals like nickel or copper
  4. What people said this?
  5. Friends :P
  6. I see...

    Your friends are wrong.
  7. So I should use distilled water and biocide? How about antifreeze? Can I use that instead?
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    You don't need it- it isn't going to add any benefit of being in your loop unless you are running aluminum in your loop.

    Distilled and some biocide works fine. I picked some up at Walmart for like $3 in the fish food area, but a lot of people get stuff online like PTnuke from Petra's Tech Shop, for example. Most sites that sell watercooling gear sell biocides. You should at the very least run biocide in your water, kill coil is optional.
  9. I can only order from 1 store because of where I live... would this coolant be fine since it has no dye?
  10. Just use distilled water.

    That coolant isn't going to cool as well as distilled...why are you set on using one?
  11. that site doesn't sell biocide though... maybe i'll just ask around for some :P
  12. Where do you live that you can only order from that site?
  13. Hong Kong :(
  14. I would think you should be able to find something generic at pet stores. You just want algae and biological growth inhibitor.
  15. Okay thanks for the help (:
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  17. You might also check into a few sites- they do ship internationally, you might just email them to confirm, if so.

    I've ordered from all sites above with great success- all top notch online retailers. They all offer international shipping of some sort, but I'd recommend emailing them first. You can also try
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