Will changing SATA ports screw up my RAID setup?

The title basically says it all.. I have a RAID 0 configuration between two HDD's on SATA ports 1 and 2 - if I change the drives to ports 3 and 4, will that cause problems and force me to re-configure the array?
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    no, not unless your other port is actually from another controller.
  2. Cool, so it'll still detect the two drives and know how that they're meant to be in RAID 0?
  3. should be, but I suggest a backup for any kind of work involve with raid 0
  4. Yeah I'm actually planning on changing them to RAID 1 before to long
  5. ok, but still, any work involve raid 0 should have a backup as safety measure. Well, I think that all can say.
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