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after starting a war of sorts with my i5 vs 955be question ive come back for more trouble. basically after more research i found that id be saving a lot of money by going with the amd cpu due to the i5 being newer in my country and thus costing more (even more than an i7 920).

this question is 3 fold

i have a 1080p monitor and was wondering if the difference in price between the 2 gpus was justified. If i go with the 5850 i could crossfire later.

Would the phenom 955 (non overclocked) bottleneck 2x5850s at my resolution.

Finally, the only decent psu i could find that had a reasonable price was the ocz stealthmasterextreme 600w (100$ here), would this be enough for one single 5870, single 5850, and what im most worried about 2x5850s.

id appreciate any help offered, thanks.
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  1. Going with the 5850 would be a more rational route only IF you are going to crossfire it and upgrade your PSU. If that's not the case, I'd buy the 5870 and use it as single card powered by your PSU, you got that covered.

    2X5850 would definitely bottleneck your CPU at very high rez/max settings. But you can always overclock it...
  2. 1) i don't think so (it is a bit of a subjective question in terms of answers)

    2) probably not if OC'ed to 3.6-3.8 GHz or so (unless you use low res / low settings)

    3) if you are thinking of spending $250 on a gpu ($500 on 2), why not spend the $120 USD on a CORSAIR CMPSU-750TX, though the OCZ will easily power one, you might be stretching it with 2
  3. Well, as i said, good psus are hard to find here cause i guess the common user doesnt understand their importance. Ive been thinking though and i think ill go with the 5870, that should hold me off for a couple of years till we stop seeing damn console ports and then ill just upgrade the gpu and maybe the cpu or just buy another 5870 along with a new psu and cpu. Thank you all for your comments. Too many parts to choose from ;)
  4. If you have one of the few cases that fits it, the Antec CP-850 approaches the pinnacle of PSU's....the Corsair HX Series and teh Antec SG series rule the roost at $200+ but the reviewers rate the CP series just slightly below those two and above the TX / TP series.

    If you're thinking Xfire, many would recommend the i7 platform over the i5.
  5. Quote:
    I just got my 5870 on Friday after trying for over a week to catch one in stock at the Egg. I also have a x4 955 overclocked to 4 ghz and game at 1920 x 1200. Upgraded from a 4870 1gb. Initial thoughts are it's not a vast improvement over the 4870 as far as frame rates go but it's def cooler quieter and I can turn on 8 x aa and 16x af and no worries about lagginess. Gta4, far cry 2, crysis warhead, flashpoint 2, arma 2, and borderlands all play perfectly max settings. This card will last me a while I see no reason to go xfire with it unless I decide to go to a 30 inch panel 2560 x 1600 next year. It's still early yet with drivers, let them mature more and see what benches get with dx 11 games coming. It's a long card I had to shift around one of my velociraptor drives to make it fit in my large antec case.

    Are you serious about little performance difference? I would think that the 5870 would blow the 4870 away... (i'm deciding between 5850 and 5870 and this is making me sway 5850...)
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