a smaller L2 cache with an L3 cache Discuss the arguments for each approach

a smaller L2 cache with an L3 cache. Discuss the arguments for each approach.
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  1. Since you put in absolutely no information or opinion of your own, sounds like your trying to get easy answers for some kind of homework assignment.
  2. Hmm it really does seem worded like a homework assignment dosen't it?

    Well from what I've heard the larger the cache the longer it takes to look through all the data, so by having a smaller l2 cache that's still decent enough to hold a bit of data you reduce the amount of time the cpu looks around in the cache for what it wants, but in the event it can't find it then it goes to the L3 cache which is still faster than ram.

    Really I put that together myself, I might be completly wrong, so anybody who knows feel free to put in some input.
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