First time i5 2500k with gigabyte z68..questions

so far enabled PLL over volt/ and virtualization tech.

and disabled- C1E, EIST, Turboboost and turned performance enchance to standard.

the rest in the OC guide i could not find in my bios, now im checking the multiplier, going up one by one until 4.0

since im only going to 4.0 is there anything else i should change, like vcore or such?
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  1. Why did you enable PLL OV? Turn it off. You don't need it for such a mild overclock, and it may decrease the lifetime of the CPU. You should be able to leave everything on its default setting and change only the multiplier, going straight to 4.0.
  2. really? why is there so many discrepancys about overclocking, even the sticky says i should change things?
  3. my core temps from doing what you said, are core 0- 65 and core 1- 68 after about 20 mins on prime 95

    isnt that high?
  4. That's a little high, yes. Looks to me like you're using the stock Intel cooler, which is awful. You should get something like a $35 Hyper 212 EVO, or a $20 Hyper TX3 if you really don't want to spend money.
    What are your other specs?
    Most OCing guides are designed to help you achieve the maximum possible overclock, not to do a modest increase.
  5. I5 2500k
    Gtx 560 ti 448
    8 GB ram
    Cm 212+ fan
    Corsair 600t
    gigabyte ud3h mobo

    Id go higher I just want this to last a while :bounce:
  6. I don't think OCing without messing with other things, like voltage, will have a significant effect on your CPU's lifetime. Still, a 2500K at 4.0ghz should have no problem handling that card in any game but Skyrim (maybe bump to 4.3ghz there).

    If your ambient temps aren't crazy and your case isn't stuffed into a box, you shouldn't really be seeing temps like that. Test again with PLL OV off. How did your TC application compare to this technique?
    65C is totally safe, but I'd expect more like 58C.
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