Cannot enter password in bios

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dell xps 410, xp pro:

I was getting BSOD and tried to recover, it asked for admin password--tried everything and could not get it to work, so I reset all passwords in system set up--mistake!

I am now stuck in IDE configuration, asking for password. Each keystroke produces a "beep" from the pc, but no characters display.

When I press "enter", it tells me password is not correct, and after 3 times, HALTS!, then nothing.

I have tried removing the battery and swapping the jumper pin back and forth. Is there anything else, or is this a bad motherboard?

Any help is appreciated!


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  1. OK--I feel stupid! I thought I would see "****" when typing in password. Apparently that is not the case and I should stick to my pay grade. Sorry for the bother.

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