Pne memory slot on Motherboard not functioning

I have four memory slots on my motherboard. I have just now upgraded from 2x512MB to 2x1GB plus 2X512MB A0 and A1 slots have been loaded with new IGB RAM each. A2 and A3 slots have been loaded with the previous two 512MB RAMs.Now when I boot up, slot A2 shows as empty and the total RAM records as approx 2.5 GB whereas there is 3.0 GB of RAM installed. I tried exchanging the memory DIMMs from A2 to A3 and vice versa, but still A2 slot shows as empty. Does this mean that this slot is damaged? All the memory modules are okay. Is there a simple way of repairing the A2 slot if damaged?
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  1. Hi newcomer and welcome to the Tom's hardware forum.

    What mobo do you have?
  2. The Motherboard is ASUS Tek NODUSM3 1.05
  3. Do this test:

    Install only the 1GB sticks in the A2 and A3 slots and try to boot.

    After that, install only 1GB stick in the A2 slot.
  4. Did you mean ?:
    (1) Install 1GB card into A2 and 1 GB card into A3 with nothing in A0 and A1, and try to boot.
    (2) In the second attempt, remove the 1GB card from A3 and try to boot.

    I thought that installation in sequence, namely, A0, A1, A2 and then A3 is a fundamental rule for memory slots. Please confirm.
  5. Yeah, you are right.

    Install only in A2 and A3. After only in A2.
  6. I did exactly what you suggested. In attempt 1, the configuration was:
    Slot A2 .....1 GB
    Slot A3......1 GB
    The PC booted up all right but when I ran Belarc Advisor, only 1GB was detected and slot A2 showed as empty.

    In attempt 2, I removed the card from slot A3, leaving only 1GB in slot A2. The PC would not boot up and there was a long intermittent beeping sound.

    Finally, my current working configuration is:
    Slot A0 ...1 GB
    Slot A1....1 GB
    Slot A2...Empty
    Slot A3....512 MB
    The above is recognized by the system.

    I will be glad for any further advice/comments.
  7. So, your A2 slot is bad.
  8. That's my conclusion too. My question is: Is there a simple way of repairing it myself, without specialist tools or expert knowledge?
  9. No, as far I know is not very easy repair the RAM slots.
  10. Thanks very much for your assistance and patience. I have decided to forget about the non-functional memory slot, and will stay with 2.5 GB RAM. Sorry about the late response this time, was away for a week.
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