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Hi i have a problem with my SATA hard drive.Yesterday night i turned off my pc and then when i turned it on today morning and opened My computer, it was showing only C drive(where are the other partitions).I can still see them in disk management but cant assign any drive letter to them because it gives some kind of error.I also cant see their total size, used space and condition in disk management.Please help me i have a lot of data on them
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  1. What kind of error does Disk management give when you tried to assign the drive letter?
  2. Da_Man said:
    What kind of error does Disk management give when you tried to assign the drive letter?

    Well i just forgot that message and now i cannot see it because my pc is not booting up with error"Bootmgr is missing".
    I trying repairing my pc(using windows repair option in windows7 setup) but all in vain. And you know i can only see only C drive in windows installation setup and also cannot install on that drive too.It gives error every time like windows cannot be installed on this drive error code bla bla bla.I can claim back my hard drive but this will not return my data
  3. Seem like your harddisk is corrupted,
    If you have another pc, connect your drive there, and do a backup, after backup, do a chkdsk /f on your drive (remember backup first)

    if you connect the harddrive to another pc and the partition still not detected, and your data is important, try to do a file recovery using program like ontrack easy recovery or EaseUS Partition Recovery or the freeware tools Recuva after that use partition manager software to see if you have invalid partition table or chkdsk /f

    if your data is not important than just do a format (caution all data will be deleted) and after installing windows, go to your drive website and download the tools for checking your drive health (for wd look for Data Lifeguard Diagnostic) and do a full diagnostic, if it found defective, Claim it to your manufacture
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