Need concent to buy either HP xw8200 or Dell 670 Precision

Q.I need to know which Workstation is better HP xw 8200 or Dell 670 Precision?
Q.As machine is refurbish i need to check it clearly please guide what factors should i take in care of while checking?
Q.It is equipped with Intel Quadro (256 or 512 bit) can it run games like Crysis and Hawx, afterall, can it be used as a gaming graphics card?
Q.How to check whether processors are overclocked or not?
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  1. Links to computers?
  2. I actually have both....the x8200 is almost always the better if this is an E-bay deal ( standard configs were usually better )....need more specs though....would need to know what processors are in each, how much RAM, size and type of HDD's, etc. Here are some links on base specs...

    the HP comes with integrated SAS/SATA 3Gb/s controller and U320 SCSI....the DELL only has SATA 1.5Gb's and U320. Pretty comparable systems though.

    No, the quadro will be useless for gaming....

    I don't believe either bios will allow overclocking....I've never tried....

    My xw8200 came with a pair of 73GB 15K SAS Dell came with 2 SATA's...E-bay price was comparable at the time....
  3. one thing more that before i buy i need to check what particular things and how as the machine is refurbish and accompanies no warranty only checking warranty on sight
    and if i talk about look wise hp seems more better dell 670
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