920 Thermal Pads/Compound Removal

So, I was building my PC Tuesday, only to have the motherboard die about 5 hours in. I RMAed it. Well, now I am going to have to put the CPU and cooler back on when I get the replacement. Problem is, the thermal compund supplied with the stock cooler is not squished all over and will probably be bad by the time I have to place them back in. I have some artic silver 5, however, I am not sure how to clean off the original compound from the CPU and cooler.

Anyone have a safe and easy way to clean it off. It is just the stock cooler, I actually bought a CM V8, however, the mounting plate just scares the life out of me. I swear if I used it, it would ground the motherboard. So I am just going to sell it I suppose. Brand new, never been used lol.

PS: Motherboard failing after 5 hours = my life. Every time I build a PC something goes wrong... It wasn't grounding issues, it wasn't ram, it wasn't the psu, it wasn't any other part other than the CPU or the motherboard. Since the motherboard didn't post and only started and restarted in like 2 seconds continuously without any beeps with or without the CPU, I figured the mobo... I pray I am right... This is the first time i had a part go bad that fast. Either I get DOA or they work for years. Not 5 hours lol. Good mobo too, P6T Deluxe V2. If you think it could be something else, let me know. I did literally everything I could think of. even testing the PSU. I can't test the cpu or mobo though...
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    scrape the pad off with a razor blade and clean with high grade alcohol and a coffee filter
  2. bigwater said:
    scrape the pad off with a razor blade and clean with high grade alcohol and a coffee filter

    Well, its defiantly just thermal grease. It is all squished. I looked up thermal pads. I don't think out of the 20+ PCs I have made over the year, I have ever seen even 1. They sound terrible actually...

    So if it is just grease, should I just clean it off with alcohol and a coffee filter. Or should I still scrape it off? How about a credit card, so I have less of a chance of scratching either the CPU or cooler? Finally, should I distill the alcohol any, or just use 100% alcohol?
  3. a coffee filter and alcohol will work just fine - just use 90 percent or higher alcohol
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