Best "Bang for Your Buck" Build Needed

APPROXIMATE PURCHASE DATE: Christmas Holidays (December 24-31) BUDGET RANGE: $800-1500 CAD (preferrably below $1500 dollars, don't give me thousands of bills right at the maximum, the more value the build has, the better.) Before / After Rebates : N/A

SYSTEM USAGE FROM MOST TO LEAST IMPORTANT: Heavy Gaming, Surfing the Internet, Watching movies, Photoshop

PARTS NOT REQUIRED: The only part not required is a mouse, I currently have a generic DELL mouse, which will serve my purposes fine.


PARTS PREFERENCES: I would like the best "bang for your buck" parts. This usually means: AMD CPU, ATI video card, etc.


MONITOR RESOLUTION: Preferrably 1920x1080 or 1920x1200 if possible. If you find another monitor with better value that is not this resolution, go ahead.

ADDITIONAL COMMENTS: I would like this computer to look attractive, although it's not a necessity. All prices are in Canadian dollars. Prices may be cheaper when I buy this due to Boxing Day sales. The computer does not need to be quiet, the guns will be blazing anyways. I am also considering buying a prebuilt computer, as I have no experience building computers at all.
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  1. Six weeks from now there could be alot of price changes. Just look at other build threads for now and get into specifics a couple weeks before buying.
  2. Six weeks from now there could be alot of price changes??? Why is that??
  3. Some E-tailers often have great deals just before/after Christmas. In some case such as the 5xxx series of ATI graphic cards more availability and the initial surge of buying a new release will cause prices to drop a bit. Keep an eye out for great deals. Also check for good prices and deals in your area.
  4. Its the nature of computers. ATI, Nvidia and Intel will all likely be announcing or shipping new products in the next 6 weeks. Any new product will cause price or price/performance changes.
  5. for quebec
  6. Start asking when you're 5 days close to your purchase date.
  7. Take a look at my thread on my new build. I love it!

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