Serious problem with GTX 295(?)

I have a GTX 295 running on a 790i motherboard for the past year (Asus striker II) on Vista X64 sp2 on a Dell 2408 wfp monitor. I have had the system for almost a year.

The system has been running flawlessly apart from the annoying 790i woes (occasional hard freezing, completely random, can occur during simple browsing, or sometimes at the POST screen, hours/days of troubleshooting have not been able to fix this).

This morning I decided to upgrade to the new 191.07 Nvidia drivers. After installation, which went as expected, I shutdown the system (power off) and connected the card to my HDMI port on the monitor (I have been using that as default except on this occasion I used DVI because that is the only way to access the POST and safe mode to clean the previous driver installation).

I reset the computer, and it booted to Vista, and got a black screen. The cursor came up, and I could see the mouse cursor, but the screen was otherwise black!

I shutdown the system and then connected to the trusty old DVI port with the idea of booting into safe mode and getting rid of these drivers. BUT after powering on my system, my monitor reported that the DVI cable was not connected!! The card was not passing even a DVI signal! Just to verify that the monitor was ok, I tested the HDMI connection on an XBOX 360, and it worked fine (I don't have a spare video card to test the DVI port, but I do not think it is the monitor since the HDMI works on the xbox, but not on the PC anymore).

I tried turning off the computer/resetting many times but no image.

Please help!

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  1. Ok I just tested my system with an old monitor. I get an image. This means that the crappy NVIDIA driver screwed the EDID settings on my Dell monitor. I disconnected the Dell from the mains for about 10 minutes, and reconnected it. I then connected it via DVI, and it works. Unfortunately the HDMI still gives a blank screen. I can see the mouse on the screen, but otherwise the screen is blank. Any tips? Is it the gfx driver or are the EDID settings on the monitor "partly" corrupt?
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  4. Wow that sucks makes the problems that I got with my 780i seam trivial. :O do you have another computer by any chance to test the card to see if it has the same behavior?
  5. card is fine. Just when I updated to the latest Nvidia drivers it made my monitor unhappy.
  6. jamovich said:
    card is fine. Just when I updated to the latest Nvidia drivers it made my monitor unhappy.

    Do you have another monitor on hand or know some one that does?
  7. I am currently living in India, so it is very hard to find someone who has a Dell 2408 as this is considered a "business segment" product here. I tested the card on another old monitor that I had (DVI only) and it works with that too. My Dell 2408 is working just fine on the DVI connection after I disconnected it from the mains for about 10 minutes (I guess it reset the screen), but the HDMI connection does not work on my GTX 295 anymore. When windows boots up I can see the mouse cursor and I am able to move it around (the full area of 1920X1200 so it is booting into full resolution), except there is no image - the screen is entirely black. The HDMI connection does work on my XBOX 360 Elite so it is not corrupt, therefore I don't know if it is still an EDID issue or simply a driver issue.
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