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what is a good cooler for this CPU? price between $25-30. i was looking at the cooler master hyper 212 but i realized installation is difficult. i was looking at the AC pro rev 2 but it's $35 and i only have like $33 or something on my account. i'm not going to be OCing at all. stock 3.2ghz. i just want my temps to be low when idle and in the low 40s when i'm in games. my current stock amd fan sucks.

thanks a lot. im planning on buying today so if anyone could help me out quickly that would be great
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  1. Hi, before you buy a CPU cooler.

    What are your temperatures on idle and full load?
  2. idle 40c
    100% load on prime95 - 63+C (i stopped there, it would have went higher though)
    in games 45-55c

    bought the arctic cooler pro 7 rev.2
  3. Your temperatures are good. You need worry about your temperature if this is >70C, but under 70C is good.
  4. i looked on the amd website and it said 63C is the highest my 955 should hit. so it was reaching that pretty easily so i got worried. would have to upgrade sooner or later tho
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