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So I'm going to upgrade my PC. First step is to get a GPU and PSU. I'm going with the Radeon 5850 and I'm getting a 500W OCZ PSU. Probably could have gone a bit higher wattage but it's too late now and it'll do the trick.

Anyway, I was planning to go with the i5 750 CPU since it's rated well and a fair price. Initially then I was considering the ASUS P7H57D-V EVO mobo but now I've heard it's not really good with an i5 CPU.

My question then is do I get the ASUS P7P55D-E DELUXE or the ASUS Rampage II? They are similar prices, the rampage being slightly less so I can go with either one just depends which is better.

Also for RAM I think I've decided on 4GB 1333mhz because I've heard 6GB doesn't work well with the i5 or something... so you gotta go with 4GB then 8GB. Also, I will get 64 bit Win 7.

So, any help on mobo selection (and RAM for that matter) is appreciated. Thanks.
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  1. The rampage is a very good mobo, but it doesn't match with your cpu (you need a 1156 socket mobo and the rampage is a 1366 one, so...). The P7P55D-E DELUXE is fine.
    Buy 4Gb and you will run them at dual channel. 6Gb is a waste of money for a 1156 mobo.
  2. Ok great, thanks. Just to clear up about the RAM dual channel... that means I'd need 2x2GB rather than a straight 4GB chip? Also, if I wanted to upgrade down the road, would it run 4x2GB in dual channel or would I have to go with 2x4GB?
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    Yes- you want 2x2GB, and yes you could upgrade to 4x2GB down to road.
    Also- just as an alternative, the MSI boards are GREAT for the i5-750, plus you can get them a bit cheaper. The high end one for about $200 after MIR:
    and the cheaper one for about $155 after MIR:
  4. Flyinfinni those look really good! That cheaper one appears to be the exact same thing only with a couple PCI slots removed - which is no problemo for my set up. That's awesome and will save me some cash.
    I think I'll have to go with the MSI mobo.
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  6. Cool man. I'm running the more expensive version I listed, and I absolutely love it. I've got my i5-750 cranking away at 3.6 GHz 24/7, and I can get it stable over 4.0GHz. It auto-OCed it with the OCgenie to 3.5ish with just a button push. Rock solid- haven't had a Mobo related crash yet:-)
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