Dell xps m1710

Just curious as to the largest capacity HDD that I can use with this. It has a 160Gb at present.
This is the one with the NV 7950 GTX card. I am very happy with it despite its age and intend to
upgrade it as much as possible as I am now retired & my wife wants her new kitchen first : (.
(so no new one althoug sneaking "bits" in is NP). Also would a solid state "C" drive with an extra
(internal...not sure if possible... or an external SATA HDD as the "D", to give that little "kick" to
improve the basic running by taking on the rapidly expanding background software.
I have seen an external Freecom 500G USB powered hard drive and would this be ideal as a
second HDD?

In addition, would it be possible to use a very recent "hot" desktop graphics card on an external case
to both improve the quality of the reproduction when I am murdered regularly by my grandson in
games? It would be attached to a docking station with its monitor & keyboard and would probably
solve the overheating problem which has necessitated coolers and external fans? I do have a backup
graphics card( you learn the hard way) but would prefer to keep it in reserve for the inevitable "burnout"

Last question on this one: I cannot remember if it has a blue ray player or not( I dont think so) so
would it be possible to replace the current one with a compatible Blue ray one if it is not?

I have two other PCs in pieces currently but separate questions for them : ) However my son recently
bought an Area 51 desktop ( he is a gamer) and he has been away with the army reserves since it
arrived( I and his wife assembled it and loaded his favourite games on it but never really used it other
than setup his mailbox.
BUT he ordered a screen with 3D capacity and now has been told that his 2 1.5Gb graphics cards do NOT
support 3D and he is waiting for tomorrow to chew some Dell heads in their sales dept. Anyon h ave a
clue on what he is supposed to have? I did wonder why I could find no 3d glasses but..what do I know?
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    OK! A bit of a confused ramble above so I am not surprised that no none answered.

    The above URL is the address of the external graphics card holder for laptops : no doubt some of you thought that I was joking but it seems a viable possibility for those who have laptops in docking stations (as I do ) but who cannot use an external monitor as the closed laptop simply overheats more quickly(thanks to its graphics card) and it opens the possibility (in theory) of using a much better graphics card without the need to rip open the laptop.

    Anyone reviewed this here?

    Add to this the use of a SSD within the laptop for background software & a very good & fast external HDD for consumer rubbish like games etc : ( & it really can extend the life of laptop as well as its usefullness...all IMHO of course.
  2. Gee!! Thanks Guys!!

    Never mind!! I have sorted it all out myself.

    Nothing like OJT for PC fiddlers.

    BTW the ViDock & the external Blue ray work wonderfully.
    Now I wonder whether the Sony 3D screen will work as well
    on my laptop.....I can hope.
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