Looking for a New Build lost in the memory..

Hi everyone new to the Tom,s community. Long time reader first time on forum.

So I have spent a LOT of time on research on parts for a new pc.
Its geared mostly for gaming and had about a 1000-1200 limit.

Think I got it down to what i want just lost in ram. too many issues its mind boggling.

Here is some info on base build

Amd Phenom II x4 965 Black C3 125 watt
Coolermaster HAF 922
Cooler Master Hyper 212 Cpu cooler
New Caviar black sata III 1tb hd
Corsair 750 psu (enough for 2 in crossx)
Havent decided but either 5850 or 5830 ati video card probably sapphire.

Now heres the Mobo

Notice its the 790x with new northbridge and sata iii usb 3.0 (not bad for 140)

but what Memory for this? i know i want ddr3 1333 or 1600 2x2gb but lost in the specs
i plan on having at least an oc on the cpu (only 3.6) dont like to push it
i really want something with a cas 7 but its hard to tell whats good for an am3

g.skill has some nice cas7 chips but it looks like it doesnt config to cas 7 on am3
checked gigabytes preferred ram but thats really limited. can find half of em lol!

I just want some nice killer ram for this build! Dont care about having to set timings... as long as it can set right! help!
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  1. #1- just a quick note- buy the 5850. 5830 is very overpriced for performance- it is closer to the 5770 than the 5850, but price is much closer to the 5850, which means the 5850 is a MUCH superior price/performance value, plus its just faster:-)

    As for your RAM question- Most DDR3 will work fine in your AM3 board. You should be able to custom set your RAM timings with any set, and as long as they are capable of the timings, it should work fine. So really, find a CAS 7 set that you like and get them. It is likely you'll have to manually set timings and speed on many of the sets available, but you shouldn't have trouble doing that. The G.skill RAM shouldn't be a problem. Really, the only place where you really have to be careful is with Intel's and their voltage sensitive onboard memory controllers, and thats something YOU don't have to worry about.
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