BEST BUILD for quad monitor photo-video-web editing box

Used Tom's forums years ago('99) for server build advice and it was dead on. now i want to build a premiere photo-video-web editing box. not necessarily the ferrari version, but have aged enough to appreciate the need for the Cadillac. so many advancements in tech since '99 ( my last build) looking for input on mobos and multi monitor graphics cards and maybe just a bit of in depth reasoning on the why's (chip or board architecture, sli vs. crossfire etc etc.) thanks in advance to those who contribute.
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  1. What software will you be using for your photo & video editing?
    And budget guidance is always appreciated.
    That way you don't get suggestions like The Double-Stuff Workstation that might not be in line with what you're looking for.

    Take a peek at the Sticky topic at the top of the forum: "*How To Ask For New Build Advice*"
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