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hi. Im a complete newcomer when it comes to things like these. Can anyone tell me what is RAID and how to set up hard disks in RAID? Can you also tell me the advantage of using RAID..
Thanks for ur replies :-)
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    There you go, I am sure you'll understand all the basic concepts of RAID.
  2. Lesson 1 - Don't use RAID 0 unless you have a good backup strategy in place :)
  3. RAID 0 increases read/write performance right? And if data in RAID 1 is gonna be redundant , wont i lose half of my HDD space? I could use cloud backup instead
  4. Yes, RAID 1 only gives you half of the total space. (2) 1 TB drives in RAID 1 = 1 TB of space. For me, the speed increase of RAID 0 isn't worth the risk. It's worse than having a single drive IMO because you have the added risk of 1 of 2 drives failing. If either goes, you lose data. I use RAID 10 on servers, but you need at least 4 drives to do it.
  5. Do use RAID 0 for OS disk. It is absolutely worth it. You get double speed. Without RAID 0 for OS all you have is the tiny bandwidth of a single drive and sata port. Just like double channel memory, double channel sata is good and fast.
  6. Regarding reliability of RAID 0 and the risk of losing data. Yes, 2 drives statistically increases chances of losing data.

    But remember, 2 drives or 1 drive depending on what setup you use, if a drive fails, it fails. Regardless if your using RAID 0 or not. And you should be making backups of your one drive setup just as much as a 2 drive setup etc (for example).

    In keeping with the "I make regular backups" idea. Yeah, I love RAID 0 and would recommend it. But then again, I havn't had any problems and make regular backups, so i'm biased ;-)

    If you got the cash, go for it, doesn't hurt to try it yourself. Just backup ! Backup ! .......
  7. RAID 5 is also available (if your controller supports it) as a balance between performance gain and redundancy. You do lose some HDD space to parity data though not as much as RAID 1.

    If your motherboard supports RAID, set the HDD controller mode to RAID and when you reboot a RAID setup screen appears during the boot process. Otherwise, install a RAID controller card and a similar BIOS setup appears on the next boot. You will lose any data already present on the RAID'ed drives when the array is created!
  8. thank you for your replies . so to set up RAID 0 what do i do ?
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