MSI XPower or ASUS Rampage III

Which board do you guys think will be better and why? Anyone know when either one will be released?
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  1. From a little looking around, the MSI was supposed to be released in January, but I don't see where you can buy one yet. I didn't find anywhere that said it had definitely been released anyway. The ASUS was scheduled to be released in March by the sounds of it, but I don't think it has been. In my opinion the ASUS would be a better board, because I have heard better things about ASUS boards. I suppose it depends on exactly what you are looking for. ASUS sells more boards and has a better reputation, but that doesn't mean it will be better. We'll have to wait until they come out, I guess.
  2. Neither one of the boards are out yet, but I know the R3E will be out by the end of this month!ORDERID!

    Personally I'm looking for which one will overclock not only the easiest, but also the best. Like which one of these boards has the best power phase and what-not.
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    Here is a review I found on the Rampage III. You might be interested especially in page 6, which is on overclocking.

    I wasn't able to find as much detail on the XPower, but here are two articles: and
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