Which cooler do i need to OC Q9400

I want to overclock my Q9400 to 3.4 - 3.6GHz. Cooler's height needs to be not more than 140mm, because bigger will not fit in my case. I choose CM Hyper TX3 Evo, do you think it is a good choise?
And which cooler can you advise me ?

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  1. i recently sold my q9400 had it running at 3.4 24/7 with all power savings active to go much higher you will have to deactive them i used a cm 212+ with a secondfan attached. you could do the same with the tx3 just add a second 92mm fan or whatever they are. i also undervolted my particular chip by .1v also the default voltage in bios was to high. tx 3 should be fine your not gonna get to many bigger better coolers within those dimensions without a new case i may just be a bit noiser. it was easy to get to a fsb of about 420 after that it got a bit tricky
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